10 Tips And Tricks For A Clutter Free Kitchen

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If there is one room in many people’s homes that tends to fall prey to being clutter central, that would have to be the kitchen. With so many amazing kitchen gadgets just calling out for you at the store, or even a bursting pantry because of teenage kids who eat like a football team, it is all too easy to end up with a messy, cluttered and disorderly kitchen. In order to combat the clutter, kitchen renovation experts in Melbourne share 10 tips and tricks that will help you battle the disarray and work your way towards an organised, clean and minimalistic looking kitchen today.


10 Tips And Tricks For A Clutter Free Kitchen


  1. Keep Those Countertops Clear


We all know that the counter top is where the clutter begins and starts to grow. If you’ve ever seen a friend or family member’s clutter-free kitchen, you would have probably been slightly envious of their clean and mess-free counter tops. Always resist the urge to use the countertops as grocery off-loading zones, a drop off place for your mail and keys or a station to stack dirty dishes. Stay organised by rinsing off dishes right after your meal and then placing them into the dishwasher. Also remember to relocate small appliances that you don’t use everyday into cupboards or drawers, only keeping the essentials and often used appliances such as the toaster and kettle on your countertop. Everything else can be stored safely and away from sight.

  1.     Cabinets – Use Them!

If a clutter-free kitchen is your aim, avoid using open shelving for storing all your kitchen knick knacks. You’re better off sticking to storing your items in cabinets so that you can at least hide the clutter that you may have (as we all do). With that said, if you still would rather utilise open shelving, start thinking like a minimalist. Stick to a unified color palette and only display the pretty things you have in nice containers and jars to keep things looking intentional and orderly.

10 Tips And Tricks For A Clutter Free Kitchen

  1.     The “One In, One Out” Rule

Mess and clutter free kitchens don’t just magically happen – they are usually the result of a plan in place that keeps it that way. One great way to upkeep a tidy kitchen is to subscribe to the “one in, one out” rule. What does this mean? It means that for every new thing you bring into your space, something else has to get the boot. This way, you will be able to maintain a healthy balance, without allowing a disastrous mess to take over.


  1.     Don’t Just Put It Down, Put It Away!

When it comes to placing dirty dishes down and procrastinating, we are pretty sure that we have all been guilty of this lazy habit. Every time you are about to put something down randomly in the kitchen, ask yourself – “Is this dirty?”. If it is, chuck it into the dishwasher. “Is this clean or new?”. If it is, place it back into a cupboard, pantry or refrigerator. If something isn’t even supposed to be in the kitchen in the first place (ie, gym bags, jumpers), then get it out of there immediately!


  1. The Fridge Is Not An Art Canvas

Although we all love a few quirky photographs on the refrigerator, many tend to go a little overboard when it comes to sticking things up on the surface of the refrigerator. Soon enough, too many things stuck up on your fridge will indeed make your kitchen look rather disorganised and messy. Keep things to a minimal – have a grocery list at most stuck onto the surface of your fridge and keep it that way. If you want some ideas on what to do with kids artwork, click here.

10 Tips And Tricks For A Clutter Free Kitchen

  1. Pile Ups Are Never Attractive

Aside from a stack of pretty bowls, fancy napkins or plain white plates, most things in piles don’t look that fantastic. This is especially true when it comes to cookware, pot lids, appliance accessories, and messy space hogs such as trash bags, baking paper and plastic wrap. A great way to create a clutter free kitchen is to hang pots on the wall, utilise magnetic knife strips, and hang trash bags on a roller or store them in a designated drawer.


  1.     Do Something Everyday

Instead of leaving all the tidying to the weekend, it is always advised to do one chore a day. Clean up your stove or kitchen after cooking every meal, and you won’t be left with a greasy, sticky mess at the end of the week. A little cleaning and maintaining of your kitchen’s tidiness everyday will help ensure that you are not overwhelmed at the end of the week (because we all know what happens when we get overwhelmed – we unfortunately don’t end up cleaning at all!)


  1.    Stick To Your Rituals

Small, attentive actions in the kitchen really can help keep your clutter under control. Morning and evening rituals such as making sure you load the dishwasher before heading to work in the morning and unloading the dishes once you’re back from work helps you pay more attention to your kitchen, gets you into a routine and thus keeps clutter at bay.

  1.     A Little Mess Is Not Illegal

Just like every good diet needs a cheat day, every clutter-free kitchen needs a cheat spot. The key is to be very specific and intentional about where this cheap spot is. Choose just one shelf or drawer in the kitchen that is allowed to be disorganised, but always remember to not let the mess spill out into the whole cabinet!


  1.    Always Leave Your Kitchen Better Than You Found It

Finally, a religious rule of living for clutter-free kitchen cooks: thou shalt always leave the kitchen better than when they found it. Whether this means quickly wiping down the countertops or loading dishes that are in the sink into the dishwasher, always look at your kitchen with a judicious eye and ask yourself what you can do to make it a little better.



With these 10 Tips And Tricks For A Clutter Free Kitchen, we are sure that you will be on your way to the kitchen of your dreams in no time. All it takes is a little organisation and pro-activeness and you’ll be well on your way to that showroom kitchen you desire.










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