Smart Energy Saving Ideas

We all know how important it is to save energy in any way we can. Not only to keep our utility bills down but to protect the planet and Mother Nature. The excessive energy usage in one home has the potential to be extremely damaging. So if you’re not doing as much as you can, now is the perfect time to start. You can use popular methods such as turning your thermostat down and using draught excluders. But there are also other lesser known energy saving ideas, which could help to decrease your carbon footprint even more. Here are three examples you can try today.

 Smart Energy Saving Ideas

Unplug your devices

Many homeowners don’t realise that their plugged in electrical devices use power even when they are not in use. While it’s convenient to keep plugs in their sockets, it could be causing an increase in your energy bills. So if you are not using your computer or microwave, get into the habit of unplugging them. You should also turn off the power source itself to save additional energy. This will not only allow you to reduce the amount of electrical power you use, but it can also remove the heat that these devices produce. This too can add to your monthly usage.

Install outdoor blinds

If you thought you could only have blinds on the inside of your home, you are very much mistaken. Installing outdoor blinds is an energy saver that all homes could benefit from. They prevent heat and glare from the sun from entering your home which can increase your carbon footprint. Outdoor blinds can also block out draughts which are caused by adverse weather conditions and prevents heat from being lost. Many outdoor blind companies provide custom made products meaning they can fit on any window in your property. Like interior blinds that can also be open and closed whenever you wish too. So start looking online to see what outdoor blinds are suitable for your family and home.


Spend less time in the shower

There is nothing more refreshing than a shower, particularly on a hot day. But did you know that spending slightly less time in the shower could help you save more energy? It’s a simple energy saving method that could save you money as well as helping the planet. Work out how long you spend in the shower each day. Lower this by a minute or two and ask your family members to do the same. You can use your phone to set alarms to remind you when you need to get out. If you and your family do this on a regular basis, you’ll use far less water than you used to. This can also result in substantial savings at the end of the year.

These might not be the most conventional forms of energy saving. But that doesn’t mean they won’t work. So why not give them a go and encourage your friends and family to try them too. The more people who make an effort to save energy the greater the benefit to the environment.

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