DIY Hard Back Book Planter

A friend of mine wanted a cutting off one of my succulents I have growing, but I had ran out of containers to put it into. I have wanted to make a book planter for a while but this was the perfect push I needed to get it done. Although it did pain me slightly to cut a great big hole in this vintage hard back book; but the finished results are well worth being slightly destructive.

How to DIY Hard Back Book Planter

What you’ll need

  • Glass – to create the circle stencil
  • Hard back vintage book
  • Hobby Knife
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Cacti and succulent potting mix
  • Succulent cutting


Start off with making a circle stencil by turning a glass upside down onto the page and tracing around it with a pen/pencilDIY Book Planter

Using a hobby knife press into the book pages and follow your cutting guides. You will have to do quite a few cuts, cutting about 5 pages at a time.

When your hole is 2″ deep coat with two coats of tacky craft glue like this pictured, or Modge Podge. This will create a waterproof seal and keep the pages together.

glue glue1

When your glue has dried clear you are ready to fill 3/4 of the way up with cacti and succulent potting mix and plant your succulents! DIY Book Planter with Havven

The worst thing you can do is over water it killing the plant and damaging the book planter, spray with water only when soil looks dry.

DIY Book Planter with Havven

Are you going to try this? 

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