10 Ways to Transform Your Small Garden


There are lots of advantages of having a small garden. Smaller yards tend to create less work and are much easier to maintain. However, they can also present challenges when it comes to choosing the right plants and furniture. If you’re not careful, your outdoor space can begin to look cluttered. Follow these simple tips to transform your small garden into a mini paradise.

  1. Make the Most of Space

When space is at a minimum, it is important to make the most of it. If you have a lawned area, make sure you keep the grass short. Tidy the borders so that they don’t spill onto paths and other areas.

Make sure you use all available space. This includes fences and walls. Train plants to grow up fences or put up hanging baskets. Fix bird boxes and feeders to branches or walls. This will save space on the ground.

Get rid of anything that isn’t needed. Simplify and declutter. Keep on top of maintenance to ensure your garden is always neat and tidy.


  1. Create Sections

Split your garden into different sections. Each section should have its own individual features. This will give the illusion of space because you can’t see everything in one go. Use flower beds, arches, and pergolas to split sections. Introduce small ornaments and accessories to add interest.


  1. Features and Accessories

Before purchasing accessories for your garden, do your research. For example, you can find lots of water features ideas for small gardens online. Opt for accessories that complement your space and don’t dominate. Water features make great accessories as they bring sound into the garden.


  1. Paved Areas

If your garden contains a paved area, make sure this is well-swept and free of weeds. Weeds and plants growing through cracks will ruin the illusion of space. Another tip is to pave diagonally. This will make pathways look larger than paving in squares.


  1. Vary Height

Avoid planting everything at the same height. Plant taller flowers, shrubs and trees. Height also gives the idea of space. Leafy trees will provide you with additional privacy. Small arches and pergolas are useful and will create added interest.

10 Ways to Transform Your Small Garden


  1. Containers

Make use of containers and tubs. This gives you the flexibility to move plants around as needed. It also keeps plants neat and contained.


  1. Avoid Fast-Growing Plants

Avoid fast-growing plants like blackberries and mint. They grow quickly and can soon dominate and take over your garden.


  1. Create a Seated Area

Even the smallest of gardens can have seated areas. Just choose your furniture wisely. When selecting furniture look for items that can be folded away for easy storage.


  1. Create Shade

Create shade by installing a pergola and training climbing plants to grow up it. Plants such as wisteria work well, and they grow quickly. Leafy trees will also provide shade and create privacy.

10 Ways to Transform Your Small Garden
  1. Hanging Lights

Add some interest by stringing lanterns or fairy lights from walls or trees. This will keep the ground and surfaces clear and will vary the height.


No matter what size your garden is, make the most of the available space with these clever tips.


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