Kitchen Organising 101 Part 1

I adore kitchens, kitchens are the heart of any home and an organised kitchen can mean an organised home with an even flow and harmony. No matter the style of the kitchen, a small galley or a large kitchen the key to organising it is too keep it simple.

But how do you keep this essential and highly frequented room organised?

Over the next few weeks I will take you through some essential tips for keeping your kitchen organised and whether you’re moving or your kitchen just isn’t flowing smoothly, keeping this room organised can streamline your activities and give you more time to enjoy life.

Part 1: Kitchen Storage

kitchen organising 101

Now have a think about your kitchen space, is the pantry so cluttered that it overflows onto the bench? Is your tupperware and plastic takeaway containers spilling out everywhere with no lids to match the containers? Have triple-up’s because you couldn’t find the wooden spoon when it was needed or the scissors? I can’t tell you many kitchens I have organised for clients and have found multiple pairs of scissors because they thought they had none and went out and bought another pair. This is a great example of everything needing, even down to the scissors, a properly defined section where you keep them.

Store frequently-used objects in easy-to-reach locations. Notice what you use most often. Figure out where you will use those items the most. Infrequently used items, like the roasting pan that you only haul out during the holidays, can go on high shelves or in the back of cabinets. They can even be stored outside the kitchen, in the garage, laundry cupboard, guest room closet, or a box under a bed! Make sure every item in your kitchen has earned its right to take up your valuable space!

Remember, if you use it infrequently enough, it should go out altogether. Just because it is large or expensive, it doesn’t mean you should keep it. If you made pasta twice ten years ago, please ditch the pasta machine, that wedding present from Great Aunt Patsy or the antique bread maker that hasn’t been used in 15 years will never be used, give it away or put in on eBay and make some cash! Isolating and Purging the unwanted items in your Kitchen can be a rewarding experience when you see the empty spaces on your bench tops , in your pantry and in your cabinets.


Pick Me Sign Off
Next week we will go into pantries and the importance of having a cabinet list and how the cabinets all work together, along with a menu planner for your pantry.


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