How to Deseed a Pomegranate the Easy Way

Watch this super fast YouTube clip on How to Deseed a Pomegranate the Easy Way

Do you love the sweet and crunchy bursts of flavour that comes with chowing down on pomegranates yet can’t be bothered with the painstaking task of deseeding them? Shave time off the laborious old method of deseeding the pomegranate fruit with this new therapeutic method.


In case you have the worlds slowest internet and can’t watch YouTube clips, the step by steps are below!

Step 1: Score with a sharp knife through the middle section of the pomegranate. Make sure you just cut through the skin and not right through.

Step 2: Work your fingers into the groove and pull apart. Seeds can fly out here so don’t wear white when you are doing this!

Step 3: Holding a half section over a bowl with the other hand hit it’s bottom with a wooden spoon or you can use a rolling pin if that’s all you have.

Step 4: Pick out any white bitter bits that came out with the seeds.


There you have it, this should only take seconds to start and finish!

You’re welcome.

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