DIY a Wooden Pallet Veggie Patch

A raised garden bed tutorial for an easy and cost effective way to have an edible garden this winter!

Don’t let the cooler months put you off from the joy of growing your own food. There is nothing more satisfying then sitting down to a nourishing meal made from your home grown greens. Although spring is the ideal month for planting, you can still grow a bumper crop in autumn and early winter for the warmer states.

DIY a Wooden Pallet Veggie Patch

Choose what to grow It’s time to pick the veggies you’d like to grow because timing is everything when it comes to gardening. Check out which vegetables enjoy the cold weather.


Lay a good foundation
Lay down weed matting to provide cost effective and long lasting weed control.

Item: Growies 370 x 370 x 3mm Jute Water Saver Weed Mats – 10 Pack, Bunnings

TIP: Before you allocate space for your garden remember, they love sun so make sure you choose a sunny, sheltered spot in the yard.

veg-patch-weedmatPallet Layout
Lay your untreated wooden pallet down on top of the weed mats. Make sure that it lays flat to the ground, you can test this by putting a bit of weight from your foot on a corner to see if it lifts. if it does you might have to level it out by using a spare bit of wood or move to a flatter area.

Time to plant
Read each vegetables desired spacing requirement and plant accordingly, they need wiggle room to grow. The planks create perfect rows for easy spacing. A cramped garden will stunt your harvest. Find out top tips for creating a self-sustaining garden.
Give them a drink
Water gently using a watering can or use your hose gun if it has a shower or mist setting. Watering thoroughly after replanting can help with transplant shock.Your neat wooden pallet veggie patch is complete! Now, make sure to net your garden to keep local pests from destroying all your hard work!TIP: Water in the morning, avoid watering later in the day as this can promote fungal problems because the excess moisture hasn’t a chance to evaporate.
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