Repurposed Jar Lid Wall Buttons

So excited to share this tutorial, ‘Repurposed Jar Lid Wall Buttons’ with you. I’ve been saving everything with the idea to repurpose. Trying to live to the motto “reuse, use up, make do”.  The little piles are bordering on hoarding, I have a tiny collection of soda pull rings, as one day I hope to have enough to mesh a light shade! One pile however, was not so little… my jar collection was growing to that annoying stage on the kitchen bench and I had to do something asap with them.

Repurposed Jar Lid Wall Button

What you’ll need:

– Jar lids

– Vintage leather belt, cut in half lengthways.

– Spray Paint (colour of your choice)

– Wooden Block (I used a KMart set of children’s wooden blocks)

– Long Screw

– Drill

– Narrow Drill Bit (same size as the end of your long screw)

– Wider Drill Bit (same size as the head of your screw)

Alright, let’s make some buttons!

Step 1

Spray the cleaned jar lids with your colour choice of spray paint (working outdoors or a well ventilated room) and let dry

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm993upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm992

Step 2

Drill four holes, large enough to thread the leather through, into the lids.

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm96


Step 3

Grab your wooden block and drilling with a narrow drill bit pass right through the wooden block

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm994 upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm991

Step 4

Drill 1/2 way through the cylinder wooden block with a wider drill bit, so your screw can hide inside and only the end pops out. You want to have about 1.5″ of the screw showing, long enough to screw into dry wall.

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm99 upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm97 upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm98

Step 5

After drilling the holes through the lids there might be some scratches that you’ll want touched up. Touch up the jar lids with one last spray of paint and let dry.

Step 6

Thread your leather through the four holes as pictured, and add a dab of hot glue to hold in place

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm94upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm93upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm92upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm91upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm8 upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm7

Step 7

Fill up the drilled hole with hot glue to secure the screw down into the hole.

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm6

Step 8

Add a dab of hot glue or liquid nails to the back of the wooden block and to the back side of the jar lid button, once tacky press firmly together and leave overnight to completely cure

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm4upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm3

Step 9

Affix to your wall. Ideal for use in the kids room, the entry way, the dressing room or any blank wall you think could use with a bit of a pick me up.

upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm2 upcycled jar lid wall buttons wm1

Now these babies can’t hold a lot of weight, so keep the garment or object you are hanging off these light. Unless you get dry wall plugs, these (as they are) are meant to be more decorative then anything.

Any questions  please ask in the comments below.


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