Impress Your Guests with a Fun Custom Doormat DIY that Won’t Cost the Earth

I’ve been looking into getting a custom doormat for one of my clients, who owns a fashion boutique in town. By night I am your DIY guru but by night I am a graphic designer? That’s fitting as I do stay up most nights working. I have kept Havven seperate to my graphic design space over at The Brain Child, but as my work as a designer is growing and growing I tend to have less time to make pretty things. For over 10 years I’ve done design on the side but the last few years has really seen it take off, If I am ever very quiet on here, it’s due to being snowed under designing! I digress, my client is looking to get a mat made up for her boutique and it gave me the idea to attempt to make my own custom mat.

How hard could it be? My humble doormat needed an update. It did once say welcome and it was once yellow! Don’t spend a fortune on these kitsch doormats when you can easily make one yourself in under an hour. I bought my doormat for this tutorial from Bunnings for $5 as I wanted it to look pretty for this tutorial.

The only skill needed is to be able to cut cleanly with a hobby knife. You can do it!

Ditch that boring old mat of yours, and give it some character with this easy and fun tutorial!

Impress Your Guests with a Fun Custom Doormat DIY that won’t Cost the Earth

DIY Project: Impress Guests With a Personalised Doormat


Please see the step by step tutorial below. Use the small arrows underneath the image to click to the next step, or head over to Houzz to view the project on the big screen or via the app.

Would love to hear what you think about my little DIYs that I’ve been doing over at Houzz.
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