How to Make An Easy DIY Hanging Half Frame


How to make an easy DIY hanging half frame in under 10 minutes and for less than $10!

This is such a simple and effective method of hanging art or your favourite poster and costs next to nothing to make, I had most of this stuff hanging around my craft room.


  • Mounting tape or wood glue
  • Bulldog clip
  • Poster
  • x2 Screw eyes 2mm
  • Tas oak wood plank 1.2m



  1. Lay down your poster and measure how long you need to cut your four lengths of wood. I cut mine to 30cm lengths as I wanted them just to be a bit wider than my poster.


2. Measure and mark one and use that as a guide to cut three more.


3. Sand back your edges

4. Hand wind in one screw eye into one plank of wood, grab another plank of wood and screw in one more on the other side. These are your top bits.How-to-Make-An-Easy-DIY-Hanging-Half-Frame-screw-eyes

5. Add mounting tape on the inside of one of your top bits of wood.


6. Remove backing strip and lay your poster half on the tape, like so. You want some of the tape still showing so it will secure to the other bit of wood.


7. Lay your other top bit of wood on top of this, making sure the screw is on the other side.


8. Clamp with a bull dog clip while you do the bottom.

9. I ran out of mounting tape so I used wood glue for the bottom and it worked out fine as well. I was careful not to apply too much wood glue and using a brush to apply. I used one coat on both bits of wood and waited till it was slightly tacky before sandwiching over the poster.

10. Clamp till dry


11. Thread twine through your top eyelets and knot on both sides, you can have it as long or as short as you wish.


12. Hang up and admire your handy work!



PERSONALISE IT: Why not mix things up and varnish or paint a stencil on the wood.

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