How to Make A DIY Cloud Lantern

How to Make A DIY Cloud Lantern 

This dreamy DIY was made for my daughters room, we have recently made a superhero life sized cut out of her and I wanted to hang it up in a corner of her room and make it look like she was flying through the air. After a few days of researching other cloud tutorials (no, that’s right; I am not an original… hangs head in shame) I went and purchased a wooden dowel, 4 paper lanterns in varying size, stuffing and more hot glue stick refills. If you don’t have one already you will need to fork out for some fishing line and a hot glue gun too! In total I spent $10 in hot glue sticks, the stuffing was $11.95 and the four assorted sized lanterns were $12 – Total $33.95


Innergreen-Stuffing  We recommend you use eco-friendly stuffing like this Innergreen 100% corn fibre from PaperBark, a local Melbourne Etsy shop

Lay out your supplies below and heat up your glue gun.



What you will need:

  • x1 wooden dowel
  • stuffing
  • lanterns of varying size
  • fishing line
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue refills
  • ceiling hooks for hanging

Let’s get started… 

First, figure out where you are hanging your cloud and secure two ceiling hooks into the ceiling and string up the wooden dowel so it is strong and balanced.

Secondly pop up your paper lantern and hang via fishing line from your wooden dowel, make it really low and tie off. Start glueing the stuffing to the paper lantern until it is covered. Now, you can shorten the fishing line so it is sitting higher, where you want it to be.

Continue on with the other sizes of lanterns and fiddle with the different heights until it resembles a cloud(ish) shape.

TOP TRICK: The trick to making it look fabulous and not just like four fluffy lanterns hanging from the ceiling, is fluffing up the stuffing in between the lanterns so there is no defined circle. Fluff away with your fingers till you are satisfied with how it looks… you can glue more stuffing on but I found that was just really messy as it didn’t like sticking stuffing on stuffing!

One from underneath, the three smaller lanterns are LED lanterns if you can see the battery pack


Make a night light out of it by threading through a battery operated LED string lights! Get them here if you don’t have some on hand.


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