Don’t Kill, DIY! Let’s Make Clay Antlers

No need to kill to get the horn trend happening in your humble abode, make your own DIY stag horn using nothing more than some air dry clay!


  • Air dry clay
  • Work surface (glass, non porous surface or cover your table/working area with baking paper)
  • Aluminiam Foil
  • Wooden skewer (the kind you use for baking)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Small bowl of water
  • Pallet knife or a something flat and pliable
  • Paint, I used spray paint for a smooth finish
  • HB Pencil with a rubber end
  • Printer
  • Scissors


  • 30 minutes to model
  • 24 hour drying time

Skill Level

Moderate – Sculpting clay can be tricky and messy

DIY Clay Antlers |

Don’t Kill, DIY! Let’s Make Clay Antlers!


Step 1 Prepare your working surface, lay out all your supplies and have a few rags handy to wipe your hands if you need to answer the phone half way through (speaking from experience here!)

Step 2 Grab a fistful of your air dry clay and start to work it in your hands, depending on your climate you have about 20 minutes before it starts to dry out, if you feel like it’s drying out add a few drops of water into the mix. Roll flat a 1/4 inch base that is as even as you can get it.

DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 3 Print and trace out this template of the plaque I used onto your rolled out clay.

DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 4 Smooth out any marks with a wet pallet knife, spatula or any flexible yet flat surfaceDIY Clay Antlers |


Step 5 Pop a hole in the top with the back end of a pencil, this hole is to hang so make sure it is as close as you can to the centre, measure if need be.

Step 6 Now for the creative part! Tear your aluminium foil into 2″ strips and roll around a wooden skewer tightly, once all your foil is wrapped up removed the wooden skewer and you are left with the base of a horn. Put to the side and make 5 more.

DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 7  Shape the foil loosely into the shape you want your horns.

DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 8 Roll clay around your foil base so you are left with 6 clay covered foil lengths.

DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 9 Now comes the tricky part – join all the ends together and add more clay to the centre to secure – I dabbled the clay to create a texture – I used my nails and the pallet knife to create this look. Wet the back of the antler base and attach to the plaque.

DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 10 Fold the end of your horns upward slightly and use balls of aluminium foil to keep them in place while drying. Clay tends to curl and shrink when curing, so rest a book on the areas you want to remain flat. I left this step too late and I have a weak spot on the point end of the bottom of the plaque as I pushed it down when it was partially dry – oopsies.DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 11 Once dry and there is no moisture left in the clay you can paint in your desired colours. I chose to spray paint and the below shows I used glad wrap and washi tape to get a clean line.

DIY Clay Antlers |

Step 12 Once painted you can hang up and take a photo of it adorning your walls – make sure you tag us on social media and we will add you to our readers gallery!DIY Clay Antlers | DIY Clay Antlers |

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