DIY Word Pendant Flag

DIY Word Pendant Flag MAIN WM

What better way to cheer up a plain wall than with a lovely DIY word pendant flag displaying your favourite quote? I’ve seen similar flags popping up around the interwebs and decided to be one of the first to do a no sewing machine required DIY tutorial!

What you’ll need to get:

  • Cotton material 50x52cm
  • 15mm Dowel
  • Iron on fabric transfer paper
  • Pins
  • Hemming Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Drill
  • Tiny drill bit (can you tell I don’t often use power tools)
  • Handsaw
  • Leather to hang

DIY Word Pendant Flag Photo 1 WM


  1. Cut your dowel to a 40cm length using a small hand saw, you could probably even cut this thin dowel with a pair of secateurs if you have them handy.
  2. Drill a hole on both sides – approximately 5 cm in from each end.DIY Word Pendant Flag Photo 2 WM
  3. Iron flat your cotton material.
  4. Fold in the sides so the material measures 30cm across, pin and iron the seam.DIY Word Pendant Flag Photo 5 WM
  5. Fold two triangles along the bottom so it makes an even point, pin in place and iron the seam.
  6.  Now with your hemming tape cut the desired length and sandwich in between the folds, iron down to bond.DIY Word Pendant Flag Photo 6 WM
  7. Take your piece of 40cm dowel and fold the top of the flag over and pinDIY Word Pendant Flag Photo 8 WM
  8. Remove the rod and put a 30cm piece of hemming tape underneath where you have pinned leaving a 15mm section for the rod.
  9. Let you flag completely cool.
  10. Open up your chosen design, you can open and print out the one I designed here, or you can make your own, you just need to remember to print in mirror reverse.
  11. Print out your design onto the fabric iron on transfer paper, I bought a cheap alternative on eBay and it was a complete waste of money, so learn from me and don’t scrimp on this part. I bought the iron on transfer paper for light fabric at Officeworks (5 sheets for $19.99)
  12. Cut as close as you can to your design. The first flag I made I didn’t do this part and it ruined it as you could see the cloudy transfer paper – learn from my mistakes guys!
  13. Measure where you would like your transfer and lay it down with the back facing up.
  14. With your iron on a dry cotton setting start ironing over the transfer, keep the iron constantly moving around all parts of the transfer for 30sec. DIY Word Pendant Flag Photo 7 WM
  15. Let cool completely before removing the backing.
  16. Insert the rod back into the top seam.
  17. With a desired length of leather (I had a scrap piece about 40cm long) thread it through one side knotting the end and then the other. I just used a basic knot but you can get creative.
  18. Hang up and admire!!

DIY Word Pendant Flag MAIN WM

I am super impressed with how amazing this turned out and all without going near a sewing machine. YAY! It makes my day seeing your take on my tutorials so connect with me on the following channels or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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