DIY Wall Weave Looming for Beginners

Finally, I can show you how you too can make your own DIY Wall Weave – Looming for Beginners. This is for beginners, showing only the very basic weave techniques. Without further adieu, let’s get weaving! Video at the end of the page.

DIY Wall Weave 1 wm

Ability Level: Beginners

Time: 1 hour


  • Loom Kit (the one used was bought from Spotlight Australia for $29.95, you can make your own quite easily using a frame and nails)
  • Yarn, multiple colours and textures make for a better looking weave
  • Scissors
  • Driftwood or rod to hang


Step 1. Bust out the loom kit and make your desired shape. This loom kit makes square, rectangle, circle and heart shapes.

Step 2. Tie a knot at the top left peg using yarn, colour of your choice.

DIY Wall Weave tie a knot2

Step 3. Pull the yarn down and loop the opposite peg from left to right.

DIY Wall Weave loop left to right

Step 4. Pull the yarn up and loop the top second left peg from left to right

DIY Wall Weave loop left to right 2

Step 5. Repeat until all the pegs are covered, tie off at the last peg using a double knot. Keeping the tension quite tight.

DIY Wall Weave finish with a knot

Step 6. Cut a length of yarn (the longer the length the more weave of that colour)

Step 7. Thread one end into the sewing needle

Step 8. Weave the needle under the first string, and over the next string and so on until you reach the end.

DIY Wall Weave weave under every other string

Step 9. Once through all the strings, pull through the yarn so you are left with 10-15cm hanging out at the end.

DIY Wall Weave leave 10cm out

Step 10. With the needle, thread the second row over and under the opposite strings that you went over and under the first time around.

DIY Wall Weave weave the other way under every different string

Step 11. This is weaving! Continue until there is only 10-15 cm left of the yarn and leave it hanging out, we will trim those up at the end.

Step 12. Keep weaving until you are satisfied! Get creative with other weave methods, colours and pattern choices, this is where your style will shine. The video below shows you how to make tassels and the bubble weave.

DIY Wall Weave video

Step 13. Once you are happy to finish, take one of the loops at one of the ends. Pull it down off the peg. Snip the end of the loop so you have two loose ends. Tie these together in a double knot. Trim the ends close to the knot.

DIY Wall Weave pull off loop

DIY Wall Weave cut the end of the loop DIY Wall Weave end with a knot

DIY Wall Weave trim the ends

Step 14. Neaten up the sides. Sew the loose ends vertically back into the loom.

DIY Wall Weave what you should have

DIY Wall Weave sew loose ends into the weaave

Step 15. Sew the top over a piece of driftwood or rod, using a blanket stitch (you can watch me do this in the video).

DIY Wall Weave sew end onto driftwood

Step 16. Tie a knot in the middle to hang.


Voila, happy days! Enjoy your gorgeous new weave wall hanging! These make adorable gifts and once you have had a practise using the above steps you will be a total pro at it and will be able to make a small one in 30 minutes. Remember, there are no set rules, follow your heart and make up your own weave technique, what ever works for you – this is just how I do it.

DIY Wall Weave 1 wm

Watch the video:

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