DIY Turn a Bin into a Weaved Rope Light Shade

DIY Turn a Bin into a Weaved Rope Light Shade

I bought this cheapo wire basket from Kmart the other day as it was so cheap, if I remember right about $4. I had the cord and twine at home so this was a very cheap project. To save costs you could easy use a cheaper cord or wool could work too! Make sure the lightbulb you cover has an LED light globe. The normal bulbs may make it so hot that this shade could pose a risk of being a fire hazard.

Supplies needed:

  • Wire bin (I purchased mine for $4 from Kmart)
  • Scissors
  • Cord
  • Twine
  • Cup hooks
  • Large needle


  1. Cut the wire surrounding the bottom of the bin and remove base. Bend any wires down.

DIY Turn a Bin into a Weaved Rope Light Shade DIY Turn a Bin into a Weaved Rope Light Shade DIY Turn a Bin into a Weaved Rope Light Shade

2. Tie the end of your cord to the rim to begin.


3. Wrap the rope around and around the basket until the all the wire is covered and tie off.

Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-start-wrapping Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-quarter-way-done Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-cut-ropeWire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-tie-onto-itself

4. Grab your twine and cut off a workable length. Tie one end to the metal bottom of the basket and weave through every alternating cord.

Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-cut-length-of-new-thread Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-start-weaving

5. Once you are happy with it, simply push the needle through the inside of the shade, make a knot and trim away the excess.

Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-tie-off Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-cut-excess-off

6. Enlist the help of your tallest friend, or in my case my husband, to screw two cup hooks into the ceiling surrounding the light.

7. Insert hook through the cords onto the wire rim of the basket. Repeat on the other side.


Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-hang-cup-hooks Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-turn-cup-hooks Wire-Bin-turned-Weaved-Rope-Light-Shade-mark-the-wall


The best part is seeing what it look like with the light off. flick.





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