DIY String Ball Garden

You don’t have to have a green thumb to make a hanging garden, just follow these simple step by step instructions to create a gorgeous DIY string ball garden all your own.

Things you need for this DIY:

  • a plant (preferably a drought tolerant one)
  • moss (non-aquatic)
  • scissors
  • black/brown thread
  • string
  • a little water
  • newspaper
  • gloves (optional)
string garden diy.jpg

This can get messy, so give yourself plenty of room and lay down some newspaper and wear plastic gloves to avoid dirt under your nails.


I bought the moss on ebay from a woman that collects it near her home but if  you can find it yourself, you get extra bonus points!


Remove the plant from its pot, if it’s root bound it will look like this.


Spray a little water onto the dirt to loosen and gently mush the roots into a ball shape.


This is not an exact science.


Once the dirt is in a ball-like shape, wrap it with your dark colored thread. I wrapped horizontally at first then worked my way vertically so the bottom was supported with thread.


Once your root ball is securely covered in twine, cover it with moss.


Wrap with string once again, making sure to leave two long pieces on either side of your ball to hang.


Find a good spot for your string ball plant, remembering moss doesn’t like direct sunlight.

Caring for this little guy is easy, just spritz with a spray bottle every other day and soak in a bowl for 20 mins twice a week.


Try experimenting with neon string to add some colour and grouping with other string ball plants in varying heights.. you could make a wall of string plants.

This blog proudly bought to you by Ren from All The Good Girls Go To Heaven

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