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This week has been pretty full on with meetings, collaborations, new and exciting opportunities and so much graphic design work – I don’t know what to do with myself. So apologies that I haven’t been as consistent as I would like to be.


I managed to squeeze in one fast DIY today – using, did you guess correctly? A bamboo steamer lid! Please see the full instructions below on how I made this round shelf in under 5 minutes.

diy round shelf by havven | 2 wmdiy-round-shelf-by-havven-_-3-wmdiy-round-shelf-by-havven-_-4-wmdiy-round-shelf-by-havven-_-5-wmdiy-round-shelf-by-havven-_-6-wmdiy-round-shelf-by-havven-_-7-wm

A post in pictures really, not much that needs to be added here; except perhaps, a disclaimer. Please don’t add too much weight to this shelf if you decide to make it, as it is really just a cute decorative piece.

diy round shelf by havven | 1 wm

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