DIY Macramé Bed Head

It’s macramé (MAC-ruh-may) madness up in here, up in here.

With a mission to add more colour into my neutral bedroom this DIY neon macramé bed head has added that splash of necessary colour to the room.

IMG_2383 wm

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of dowel or rod the width or wider than the bed
  • Two wall hooks
  • x26 lengths of  Macrame cord, I used builders line from Bunnings!
  • Scissors

Step 1

Hang the rod to the wall above your bed at the height you would like it to start

Step 2

Measure from the hanging rod to the floor, now double it – this is the length you need to cut your rope. Cut x26 of them.

Step 3

Fold one of your lengths of rope in two and secure to your rod using a larks knot or aka cow hitch.

Step 4

Repeat this with all your lengths of rope. It should look something like this:

step 4 wm

Step 5

Starting from the side grab x2 pieces of rope, you should have x4 working cords. Tie a josephine knot 6″ down.

Simple hanging vase by minieco

Step 6

Pick up your next 4 working cords and repeat with another Josephine knot. Repeat this until your row is finished.

Step 7 {row 2}

Starting on one side a 6″ below your first knot, leaving the two cords closest to edge free. Pick up the next four working cords and tie a Josephine knot. Repeat until the row is finished.

Step 8 {row 3}

Working 6″ down starting at the edge, collect the free working cord and use this as one half of your working cords with the two cords next to it. Tie a Josephine knot and repeat until you have finished the row.

Step 9

Repeat steps 7-8 until you have 6 rows of knots.


If you haven’t done macramé before this might sound very confusing and might be out in the too-hard-basket but honestly, once you get the hang of the Josephine knot the steps will start to make sense as you go along.

You can also buy these custom made from my Etsy shop!


Gif credit to MinieCo thank you, this is gorgeous.


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