DIY Loom with an Embroidery Hoop

DIY Loom with an Embroidery Hoop

I have to admit, I purchased one to many embroidery hoops at the start of the cross stitch trend earlier this year and have had them sitting on my desk silently mocking me for not being a natural at cross stitch to inspire me for the next project. The time has came! De-stash the yarn pile and use up those spare hoops. Sit back, grab some supplies and learn how to make a lap loom with an embroidery hoop and how to finish it off, ready to hang!



  • Embroidery hoop
  • Cane hoop
  • Yarn
  • Cotton
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

Step 1

Round-Embroidery-Loom25 Round-Embroidery-Loom24

Open up the embroidery hoop.

Step 2.


Tie one end to the hoop.

Step 3.

Round-Embroidery-Loom22 Round-Embroidery-Loom21

Keeping the tension wrap the string around the opposite side of the hoop.

Step 4.

Make figure eights with your string. Think: ‘down, up and back. Down, up and back.”

Step 5.


Keep wrapping moving an inch at a time until you are back where you started.

Step 6.

Round-Embroidery-Loom18 Round-Embroidery-Loom17 Round-Embroidery-Loom16

Push the string roll through the loom on the other side of the centre. Pull back from the direction in which it came to tighten the centre. Tie to the side and cut string off the roll.

Step 7.

Round-Embroidery-Loom15 Round-Embroidery-Loom14

Put back on the outer embroidery hoop to stop the strings from moving about.

Step 8.

Get weaving! If you want to know how to go about that; click here to learn how to loom.


Step 9.


To finish off your weave for hanging, remove the embroidery hoop.

Step 10.


Snip the string loops off the hoop.

Step 11.

Round-Embroidery-Loom10 Round-Embroidery-Loom9

Tie a knot in all of the loose pairs of string to stop the weave from unravelling.

Step 12.

Round-Embroidery-Loom8 Round-Embroidery-Loom7

Putting the weave aside for now, you need to ready the hoop that is going to act as the frame for the weave.

Start by making a loop in your rope and affixing to one side of the cane hoop with a dab of hot glue. Wrap the rope around to cover the entire cane hoop and finish by glueing in place.

Step 13.

Round-Embroidery-Loom6 Round-Embroidery-Loom5 Round-Embroidery-Loom4 Round-Embroidery-Loom3

Place your weave inside your roped hoop and tie ends of the string around the hoop and trim off.

Hang on a boring wall that needs some attention, stand back and admire!

Round-Embroidery-Loom2 Round-Embroidery-Loom1 Round-Embroidery-Loom

What did you think? If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form below.

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