DIY Indigo Tie Dye using the Shibori Method

I had an over abundance of  powder blue cotton sheet sets. I feel one powder blue sheet set is enough, definitely no need for three sets! Where did they all come from? Anyway, enough was enough. I had to do something with them and I’ve been meaning to experiment with the many different Japanese Shibori techniques for a while now and with all this cotton fabric. It was the push I needed to bust out the ‘laca bands and DIY Indigo Tie Dye using the Shibori Methods!

DIY Indigo Tie Dye using the Shibori Method wm mainwtext
Here are four Shibori techniques and their resulting effects.

Itajime Shibori

Method: This technique you need to fold your fabric in an accordion style compressing them between two slabs. I used off cuts of wood I had lying around and elastic bands to hold together.

Result: This achieved a window pane look.

DIY Indigo Tie Dye using the Shibori Method wm1

Arashi Shibori

Method: For this technique you must roll your fabric around a pole, I used a piece of PVC pipe that I had in the shed. Tie some twine to the end of the pipe and wrap around the pole 5-7 times with varying gaps before scrunching the material down.

Result: This achieved a jagged stripy effect.

arashi technique

Kumo Shibori

Method: Pinch a section of your fabric and tie an elastic band a small gap from the end, repeat again with another elastic band further down and repeat until you have nearly reached the edge of your material.

Result: This achieved a commonly seen tie-dye spiderweb effect.

kumo technique

Ne-Maki Shibori

Method: This last technique involves binding small objects to the material. I used clean river stones and and tied them to the fabric with elastic bands.

Result: This created a circular effect.

ne-maki technique

Once you have your prepared and bound fabric ready you can prepare your dye. Prepare to the instructions of the dye packet. I used Rit Dye in Indigo for this project, which required 1 cup of salt and a tablespoon of detergent added to hot water before adding in the dye packet and stirring until dissolved.

I had two tubs, one of cold water and the other of the dye. Wearing gloves I submerged the material in the water first before putting it into the dye and holding it under for 8-10 minutes. The longer you leave the material in the dye the darker it will be.

DIY Indigo Tie Dye using the Shibori Method wm3

Once ready rinse under water until the water runs clear or you can put it in the washing machine on a rinse and spin cycle.

Hang outside not in direct sunlight to dry.

DIY Indigo Tie Dye using the Shibori Method wm2

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