DIY Cut Out Felt Pennant Flag for Cool Kids

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How to DIY a Cut Out Felt Pennant Flag for Cool Kids

I am still very much in love with felt these days, this felt flag is a present for a very cool kid who’s mother has supported Havven since day dot. (Hope you like it Penny) After making this little guy, I was hooked and will be making a small batch to sell via Havven Etsy store, keep an eye out for those later this week as they will be available for customisation for just $59 + shipping!

If you want to make one yourself they are a cinch to create, just follow the instructional images below and if you have any questions, just leave a comment.

DIY Felt Cutout Flag-supplies

What you’ll need

DIY Felt Cutout Flag-bannertail3DIY Felt Cutout Flag-bannertail
Measure the centre of your felt sheet and mark with chalk, then mark 10cm up each side and draw a line in chalk. Then with sharp scissors cut off the two end points.

DIY Felt Cutout Flag-cutoutfontDIY Felt Cutout Flag-positionDIY Felt Cutout Flag-tapeDIY Felt Cutout Flag-cut out

Print and cut out your text, position where you want and tape down with clear tape. Carefully cut out with a sharp scalpel / hobby knife. It takes a few scores and some wiggling to free the letter once you have cut around the edge. Keep the cut out letters for other uses!

DIY Felt Cutout Flag-hot glue top DIY Felt Cutout Flag-tassle DIY Felt Cutout Flag-leather DIY Felt Cutout Flag-leather2

Hot glue the top over your wooden dowel, the trim to the bottom and tie a length of leather rope to the edge to hang.

DIY Felt Cutout Flag-final DIY Felt Cutout Flag-final2

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