DIY Cage Pendant Light

Crave that industrial look for your humble abode? Want to add some detail to a drab corner? This DIY cage pendant light could be the solution to your interior issue.

You need:

  • E27 screw lamp base
  • 2 meters of cable
  • Wall socket
  • Lamp cage (I purchased this one off eBay)
  • Decorative light globe

I ordered in the E27 screw lamp base from my local wholesale electrical store, this turned out much more cost effective too. Bunnings have a selection of baton lamp bases but as my decorative globe required the screw in base I had to get it special delivered.

The cable, the lamp base and the wall socket was attached by a qualified electrician. To be safe and to avoid a nasty zap or worse a house fire I recommend you go to the same length and get this step done by a professional.

Once you have those three pieces wired up all there is to do is unscrew the lugs on the light cage and fit it over the lamp base.



Screw in the light globe of your choice, I have used the Mercator Pear Globe in 25W as it has the most decorative fibers inside and really takes this DIY project to the next level.

 IMG_1863 IMG_1864

Decide where to hang your latest prized procession and simply plug it in!!

 IMG_1876 IMG_1877

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