Make Your Own Upcycled Wind Chimes

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Make Your Own Upcycled Wind Chimes

We all remember those art projects in school which involved pasta and string to create wind chimes. But now that we’re adults (and can… hopefully, use a drill), we’ve graduated from the macaroni to … wait for it, cutlery!

These DIY wind chimes are a great idea; an upcycled, inexpensive and creative way to decorate your verandah. It’s a pretty easy project too – and don’t worry; drill work aside, there are plenty of opportunities to get the kids involved.

You will need:

• 1 large metal cookie cutter with top handle
• 5 disused forks and spoons
• Glass beads, sea shells or buttons
• Pliers
• A file
• A drill

Step 1.

Place your metal cookie cutter on a block of wood and drill holes sporadically along the outside. The number of holes must match the number of cutlery pieces you intend to hang. Drill an extra hole at the top of your cookie cutter handle.

Drill holes at the end of each piece of cutlery as well.

File down each hole until it’s smooth (this protects the fishing wire once the decoration is strung up).

Step 2.

Make your fork chimes more decorative using pliers to twist the tines. Bend the tines in a creative, curvy way for a softer finish.

Step 3.

Thread fishing line through each of the holes in your cutlery handles. Cut an arm’s length of fishing line for each piece of cutlery to allow for plenty of excess thread – it’s a bit like threading cotton through a needle eye, so the more length you have to go with, the better!

Make sure the knots are tied REALLY tight, as they will otherwise slowly unwind with the weight of their burden.

Step 4.

Adorn each length of fishing line with colourful beads, buttons or shells (or a mixture of them all!). This is where the kids will really want to get involved. Give them creative license to decide how far up the line they decorate.
Step 5.

Once each piece of cutlery and thread is appropriately decorated, it’s time to attach the whole thing together. Tie the other end of your string to the holes in your cookie cutter. Again, you can choose how long or short you’d like your chimes to hang.

Step 6.

Thread more fishing line through the hole on top of your cookie cutter handle (it’s nice to garnish the piece with a few more beads). Make sure it’s extra tight.
Then string your chimes up, looping the length of fishing line around a tress or beam on your verandah.
The great thing about this project is the amount of creativity you can put into it. Instead of using old cutlery, you can string up disused keys. Or you can use a metal colander instead of your cookie cutter (an advantage being the holes already exist, so less work for you!).

All that’s left is to sit back with a cup of tea when your hard work is done and let the wind make music from your new creation.

For more outdoor décor ideas, along with much more, check out the Love Life Outdoor blog.

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