Tree Change Dolls – A Welcome Change

Yesterday a friend of mine posted a YouTube clip of SBS 2 The Feed program on ‘Tree Change Dolls’.


Interested, I started watching this short feature on how unwittingly, the Tasmanian creator and her refreshingly natural looking dolls went VIRAL! An untapped market was discovered and without this being the goal behind the Tree Change Dolls business, it did highlight the big issue that surrounds these fashion dolls.

Targeted at children Bratz Dolls for example, are dolls that wear Kardashian-like makeup and skimpy outfits and heels. Claimed to be over sexualised, these dolls lead us to fear that they are subconsciously affecting our children. *cue the dramatic music – dom dom dom!

Seriously, stop reading what I am writing and just watch the documentary, it only goes for 7 minutes and is really heart warming:

Now, didn’t you just fall in love with Sonia and her whole family? I certainly did.

So Sonia, doesn’t want to get into doll manufacturing nor is she trying to take down Mattel; she is just in it for her childhood love of dolls and if she gets big toy giants to consider making a shift in their marketing towards kids then that’s just a bonus.


Now, if you are like me and are wanting to know how to go about giving your old or recycled dolls a new, more natural look? Sonia talks us through how she manages to remove the factory paint with just nail polish remover with acetone and eucalyptus oil.

Watch it here:

You can favourite their shop on Etsy in hope that they restock soon, as there are no dolls up for sale yet. You can also follow the Tree Change Dolls on Facebook and Tumblr


What do you think about the natural looking dolls? Do you think these handmade lovelies are the small first steps towards a big change in the market? Are you going to attempt to make-under a fashion dolly of your own? I can’t wait to hear what you think.


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