How to Successfully Work from Home with Kids

A lot of people ask me how I do it? How do I find the time to work three jobs and look after an 18mth old? Where do I find the energy? How do I set out my day? I get asked these questions so much it got me thinking it might grant me writing an article about it. The title ‘How to Successfully Work from Home with Kids’ is purely for good SEO search purposes, I don’t think the true title of: ‘I work three jobs to stay afloat with a baby and still have all my hair’ would be a popular Google search.

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So, how do I find the time with a baby at home who sleeps for a max. 2 hours a day and manage to work three jobs and start a new business? My honest answer is – it’s a daily challenge, it’s sometimes really tough and I have to be flexible with the list and set realistic time expectations. Every day I make a daily to-do list in order of priority (what is due next) some days run into nights and some afternoons, it’s breakfast for dinner. I really aim to get everything crossed off but I don’t beat myself up if one or two roll over to the next day.

Being organised really helps my motivation, and getting dressed like I am going into the office or power dressing, really works for me.

The average work day for me goes a bit like this…

  • 7am – Every morning I aim to wake up slightly earlier than LO on the days I know are busiest. That 30 minutes before the day really begins is when I have a coffee, shower, dress and then start making lunches. I make lunch before I even make breakfast! That way it is ready to go and I can get an extra 20 minutes.
  • 7:30am – LO wakes for her breakfast.
  • 8am – Before the work day begins I pop LO in the pram and we go for a 30 minute morning walk, usually a milk run and I try and grab a new toy or colouring book that’s under $5/3 to keep LO amused during the long afternoon play time. Having that morning walk not only gives us fresh air and exercise but it really sets us up for the day.
  • 9-10am – When home if there is anything around the house that needs doing like washing or cleaning I get LO to help, she loves being useful and we are crossing stuff off the daily to-do list.
  • 11am – rolls around and that means nap time for LO and work time for me! She is down for normally 2 hours and this is when I make the important client calls, attend Skype meetings and knock out any work that requires total concentration. Crossing those suckers off.
  • 1pm She’s awake and hungry, or should I say HAN-gry? (hungry angry) lunch for both of us, already prepared earlier. Working whilst eating.
  • 1:30-3:30pm – Weather dependant I try and get outside as much as possible for adventuring and play.
  • 4pm – Where’s that new toy/activity/sticker I bought? Something new sure does take the pressure off and I can do some sneaky work and answer those new emails.

The rest of the day we can break into time slots:

  • 5pm – dinner time
  • 5:30pm – tv time
  • 6pm – bath time
  • 7pm – LO’s bedtime
  • 7:30pm is the time most people are winding down, no rest for the wicked. This is the time I shine! Where do I find the energy? Coffee. Coffee is my friend. The rest of the list is knocked out or close enough.
  • Lately I have been good and been getting into bed by 10pm, asleep by 10:30pm.

Well, I hope this was helpful. I would love to hear if you are in a similar situation, how your days pan out and what are your little tips and tricks on getting through it?

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