Crazy Recycled Cardboard Creations for Kids

Cardboard? Check.

Kid? Check.

Cardboard Shop and Tollbooth

If you have these two things you are well on your way to making these crazy recycled cardboard creations for kids!

Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to encourage their imagination and maybe give their carers a little break. Although I can’t guarantee you that quiet time, sorry I wish I could; I can guarantee that you will receive a pdf straight to your email with a fully detailed step by step with illustrations (for us visual learners). The clever creator Anna Wulick behind the Etsy store and the Forty Two Roads blog will have you making your very own cardboard kitchen, or perhaps a washer and dryer set or even a tollbooth that will wow your child(ren), and maybe even your man-child with your green building practices!

Cardboard Washer and Dryer

Cardboard KitchenUsing recycled cardboard and some odds and ends around the house to decorate your masterpiece makes this tutorial a no-brainer for a weekend or the school holidays. Forty Two Roads explains, “There is nothing like a handmade present – especially one that you build with your own two hands!” and we agree, whole-heartedly.

Download the plans NOW.




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