Best Handmade Gift for Kids DIY Hopscotch Mat

Best Handmade Gift for Kids DIY Hopscotch Mat

In a bid to take back Christmas, away from consumerism and toward heartfelt and handmade, I made my niece this hopscotch mat that she will hopefully love and have hours of enjoyment out of with her sisters and friends! This roll up hopscotch mat will be wrapped up with three hacky sack balls to make the set complete (yet to find cute ones and will most likely make this too; I will update this post after Christmas to let you know how if I do!!)


  • 2.5 m canvas or cotton duck for base
  • Big Bowl
  • Pencil/chalk
  • 10 felt squares
  • Rotary cutter / scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hemming Tape
  • Embroidery Cotton (optional)
  • Strong Sailing Needle (optional)


Make time

If I chose NOT to blanket stitch each square this would have been completed in under an hour. As I chose to do the edging it took about three afternoons worth of stitching.



  • Roll out your canvas or cotton duck material, I bought 2.5 metres (2.73 yards) and then folded it length ways to make a long rectangle, I don’t like to work to measurements as I seem to always get it wrong and then I get angry and I don’t enjoy the process.
  • Using a big salad bowl and a pencil I rounded off the top two edges of the mat.
  • I then lay hemming tape down the side that is not folded and sealed it shut with an iron.
  • I added some fancy trimming to the top, just as I had it lying around – this is totally optional!
  • Cut your A4 felt pieces into perfect squares and lay them on top of your mat. I moved them about for a while till the colours looked good to me. I then spaced them out, again, not measuring the distances but just by eyeballing them.
  • I did a square at a time, working from the bottom which is the number 1. I put the square onto the cutting mat and hand drew the number with chalk before carving out with my rotary knife, you could also use a sharp pair of scissors. I thought this would take longer but as long as you use something sharp it’s not that much work. If you have stencils you could use these instead of free hand.
  • Heat up your hot glue gun and stick them back in place.
  • Continue till you reach the top, for something different I used the cut-out number ‘1’ from the first square and made a ‘0’ to make the last number on the mat.Hopscotch-Mat-layout-numbers


  • I felt the hot glue I used wouldn’t last long with the (fingers crossed) hours of rough play this mat will endure, so I decided to blanket stitch the felt to the canvas. This took the longest time for me who likes to have everything packed away at the end of the day. I am glad I went to the effort though, as it looks pretty darn cute and those numbers aren’t going anywhere!


What do you think?

I am rushing this post as it will be Christmas before we know it! Any questions please leave in the comment box and I will get back to you ASAP!


This is the follow up in our handmade Christmas gift ideas for kids under 5. See previous photo blocks post here.

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