Best Gift That Mum and Bub will Love – DIY Customised Photo Blocks

My family have adopted a rule for the silly season: only handmade presents and for the kids only! Although the kids love the plastic fantastic toys, I do not and I especially don’t like the quality of these mass produced toys. I would much prefer something second hand, something locally made or something handmade; we seem to hold on to these more as they are more meaningful and I like to think that buying local makes a big difference to our neighbours and environment. Not even mentioning the budget here as fabric is expensive and Kmart has a tonne of cheap options!

Last year my sister made my daughter a picnic basket set with a hand sewn patchwork rug and wooden fruit in little pouches. It is still on high play rotation at our place and looks so adorable set up in the corner of her room.


This year we have a new edition to our clan, a little guy not yet one. So, I was thinking these blocks are more something they might display instead of chew on. 🙂


Best Gift That Mum and Bub will Love – DIY Customised Photo Blocks



  • A4 printer paper
  • Printer
  • Digital photos
  • Wooden toy blocks
  • Modge Podge in matt finish
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Cutting Mat

Make time

Finding the right photos takes the longest time – stalking through facebook albums and realizing how unorganised your iPhoto library is… that and the drying wait time between coats of Modge Podge.



Find and resize images in a photo editing software, I am a graphic designer so I use Adobe Photoshop. You could also do this using a free image editing program (google for options – most offer free trials)

Make sure to resize to the size of your blocks x 3. My blocks are only 1″ wide so my images had to be resized to 3″ and trying to keep the head and the torso and the feet in roughly the same section.


Glue the back side of your photos with Modge Podge and one side of your three wooden blocks with a coat and stick together.

I cut up the pictures and glued them onto two sides of the blocks and left for an hour before turning the blocks and finishing the other side. In total there is three coats of glue with an hour wait time in between.


DIY Customised Photo Blocks-main

This is part one of two of the handmade christmas presents I have made for the kids under 5 years old.

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