A Special Fairy Garden in an Old Suitcase

I had WAY too much fun making this fairy garden for my daughter. It took some time and my back hurts but watching her see it for the first time and play with it made everything worth while. Here is how I made A Special Fairy Garden in an Old Suitcase!

Don’t you just love making something that ticks all the boxes? Keeps the child busy, reuses an old suitcase, encourages imagination and also looks adorable in the corner of the home office? (I don’t quite trust it in her room just yet)

a-special-suitcase-fairy-garden-close up mossy door



– An old suitcase, an old wooden box or anything with four sides really!

– Moss, more than you think you’ll need. You can buy moss from florists for about $25 or you can go for a bush walk and see if you can find any.

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks

– Rubbish bin liners

– Potting mix / soil

– Decorative rocks and accessories – I went nuts at Etsy for my accessories!


Firstly, my old suitcase needed a clean up and a paint job. If this is going into my daughters room then it better look pretty! I painted two coats of white Annie Sloan Chalk PaintTM is a criss cross manner so it looked slightly distressed and you couldn’t see paint strokes.


Then using a hot glue gun I covered the base in plastic bin liners to protect the actual case from getting wet and rotting.


I added half a bag of potting mix on top about 2″ deep.


Using my hot glue gun I grabbed clumps of moss and hot glued them straight to the sides of the case. I burnt myself real good doing this, a few times. Is there such a thing as hot glue gun gloves? If not, they should be invented I would SO buy these.


Anyway, nursing my burnt fingers I drew out an outline in the dirt where I wanted my rock pathway and then just pushed in more moss everywhere I saw dirt.

I rested the wooden door into the dirt and added a bridge, tiny mushrooms and a wire seat and side table! At this point I was having so much fun as it all came together and I think it looks adorable. I haven’t permanently secured any of the decorations as I am sure little miss will want to move things around as we add more things to the garden.

a-special-suitcase-fairy-garden-close up mossy doora-special-suitcase-fairy-gardena-special-suitcase-fairy-garden-closeup


What do you think, do you have an old suitcase you would consider converting to a magical fairy garden?


After a few hours being played with by my two year old the garden still looks pretty good – some moss in the rocks and a new addition; Zoe the Llama!


Upkeep: Make sure you have your garden in partial sunlight (preferably morning sun as it’s not as harsh or as long as afternoon sun) and spritz with water every other day.

If you make one please, please, please tag me on social and I will share. I am always so proud of your creations and creativity!

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