How to Make Bulk Pom Poms Fast

How to Make Bulk Pom Poms Fast

No more making pom poms one at a time! This method makes bulk pom poms for your next crafty creation in no time at all.

If you are thinking to yourself, ‘why would I need to make all those pom poms?’ Well, my response to you is, ‘why the hell NOT!?’.


Step 1


Tie the end of your yarn/wool to a chair railing. I am using my daughters little wooden chair.


Step 2


Wind your yarn around the chair so you have a decent amount, I didn’t count how many times I went around but it doesn’t really matter. The more times you wind it around the chair the bigger the pom pom will be.


Step 4


Cut the knot off the chair


Step 5


Wiggle the yarn off the top of the chair


Step 6


Cut a small piece of the matching yarn (approx.3″) and make a knot through your loop


Step 7


Repeating every 1.5″ around the loop


Step 8

How-to-Make-Bulk-Pom-Poms--snip How-to-Make-Bulk-Pom-Poms--tied

Cut the yarn in between the knots.


Step 9


Trim back to make a nice round fluffy pom pom.

TIP: Roll the pom pom in between both of your palms, the same as if you were making a ball of play-doh; this is how you get a nice, fluffy looking round pom pom.

I love these soft little pom poms!!


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