How to DIY A Cute Peekaboo Toy Bag

Trying to keep the play room in a relatively neat manner is an ongoing struggle in our house. Master One and Miss Four certainly know how to turn the house upside down when they are left to their own devices.

These fun peekaboo bags; are the perfect size for small toy sets like Duplo and Lego. They make cleaning up so much easier as the kiddies don’t seem to pull everything apart, probably because they can now see what toys they’re picking up.

The best part is they look cute and are affordable. The material used is all from just one fat quarter, that cost at the most $4.95 from Spotlight.  The plastic sheeting is dirt cheap and the cord was from the craft room stash from the macrame days.

I’ve only made one so far, which took an afternoon nap. I envision on making about ten to have them hanging in a row in the play room OR even inside their wooden toy box would make things so much better than they currently are. As the bottom of these bags have interfacing they are sturdy enough to stand on their own. You will love making these.

Let’s get stuck into it:

How to DIY A Cute Peekaboo Toy Bag

Please see the step by step tutorial below. Use the small arrows underneath the image to click to the next step, or head over to Houzz to view the project on the big screen or via the app.

Would love to hear what you think about my little DIYs that I’ve been doing over at Houzz.
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