How Making Plarn is More Than just Recycling

On any given night across Australia, more than 105,000 people don’t have a place to call home. Two out of three people who seek crisis accommodation are turned away. Many end up on our streets or living in temporary housing, squats, cars, refuges, or sleeping on friends’ couches. A huge number of our fellow Australians live in miserable and often dangerous conditions.

How Making Plarn is More Than just Recycling

First of all, what is plarn? Plarn (plastic yarn) is made from plastic bags, cut in such a way that it can be looped and used as yarn would be used; in crochet and knitting projects.



There is a joining of forces in Melbourne that is headed by Deniz Marchmont, that is combining skills and resources to make a big difference to the comfort of those less fortunate.

5 minutes with Deniz from ‘Plastic Bag Sleeping Mats for the Homeless’

Tell me about the initiative

“As per the article (below) … I have a friend who was living on the streets and a weekend with mum daughter spurred us on.”

IMG Mornington Leader
IMG Mornington Leader

How do we get involved?

“Join our Facebook group here and post (your interest) … and the members in your area will tie in with you.”

Do you need any special skills to be able to make a mat?

“No, mats can be woven or crochet or some people choose to just make the plarn.”

How many plastic bags make up one mat?

“600-700 bags”

Besides providing mats to those in need, what other benefits has this group brought about? 

“It brings friends together, keeps our hands busy and creates great networking opportunities!”


What has been the feedback so far?

“FANTASTIC the Salvos are joining the cause, Safeway and shopping centres allow us to raid their bins. The community response through buy sell swap sites have all been very positive.”

Where can people go to find out more?

“Head to: Plastic bag sleeping mats for the Homeless


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