Accessorise Your Keys with a DIY Nautical Monkey Fist Key Ring

DIY Nautical Monkey Fist Key Ring

As featured on Houzz, this beginners DIY knot tutorial will teach you how to make a nautical ‘monkey fist’ key ring.

Once you have mastered making the monkey fist decorative knot, you can then start to customise it to fit any size for around the home. Think big for door stoppers, book ends, curtain tie-backs, and coffee table decor and office desk paper weights! A great look for the Hamptons inspired abodes.

The knot that I have used in this tutorial is done without adding a ball weight to the inside of the monkey fist knot, which traditionally; is how they were made. Since the 1880 this knot has been around, used as a weight on fishing boats and as a weapon of sailors.

This knot takes some practise but as long as you take it easy at the end, slowly tightening each strand you will get a gorgeous and practical knot at the end of it and then it will be a new obsession.

Knot Tutorial DIY Nautical Monkey Fist Key Ring

Please see the step by step tutorial below. Use the small arrows underneath the image to click to the next step, or head over to Houzz to view the project on the big screen or via the app.

Would love to hear what you think about my little DIYs that I’ve been doing over at Houzz.
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