DIY Metallic Paper Bag Uashamama Inspired

So today marks the last day of a long weekend here in Australia. Boo. What a glorious three day weekend it was. I knocked out so many projects that have been laying around the house half done, seeking a spare moment to complete them. I wish every weekend was a long weekend, seriously. We even had KFC! We never have KFC and it was as good as I remembered it to be. Those chips. Oh man, so good. Ok, I have a problem and I am the first to admit it however, there is a reason I am talking about KFC so much, you see we bought a family feast and it came in this really big paper bag. Me being me, and seeing the beauty in everything yelled “DON’T PUT YOUR RUBBISH IN THERE” at my husband who went to dispose of his demolished chips, he eats so fast. I knew I could do something with that bag.

That delicious smelling bag.


So, enough of me rattling on, here is my DIY Metallic Paper Bag Uashamama Inspired update from a KFC bag.

DIY Metallic Paper Bag Uashamama Inspired


  1. A large paper bag
  2. White spray paint
  3. Metallic spray paint

Ability level: You could do this with your eyes closed, but maybe don’t.

Time to Finish: 15 minutes.

Step 1. Get your hands on a large KFC bag.

Step 2. For the metallic to really show, it needs to be sprayed on a white base. So, spray your brown bag white.

Step 3. Once dry, spray paint using your metallic spray paint. I used gold.

Step 4. Once completely dry roll down the top and use it as a trendy storage bag. Try not to get it wet if you use it as a plant holder.

DIY Metallic Paper Bag Uashamama Inspired 2 copy DIY Metallic Paper Bag Uashamama Inspired 3 copy

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