DIY Cross Stitch Photo Gifts


This little DIY made such a sweet, heartfelt gift that I have decided to buy some more embroidery hoops tomorrow and make some for everyone in the family. If any of my family are reading this: act surprised come Christmas day, ok?!

This is truly something they will treasure, read on for steps on how I made these cross stitched photo gifts.


If you are wondering, why yes, they are pretzels and yes, I was multi-making whilst eating as I am that talented.


What you will need

  • Cross stitch aida cloth 16 count (the higher the count the smoother the image)
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Cotton thread and/or beads for decoration
  • Sewing needle
  • Printer
  • Photo transfer paper
  • Scissors
  • Iron


How to do it


Firstly, choose your images and then print to your photo transfer paper. Cut out the

Fit the embroidery hoop to your aida cloth and cut off the excess leaving a 1.5″ of material out.

diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-18 diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-17 diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-16 diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-15diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-14

Pop it out of the hoop and you will have an indent as to where to place your transfer image.


Place the photo transfer and place the face side down onto the aida cloth and iron the back continuously moving the iron around for a few minutes until the transfer is well adhered.


Let cool before peeling off the backing paper.


Re-fit the embroidery hoop over the printed aida cloth.


This is where you can get creative, choose beads or cotton thread in a complementary colour and start embellishing!


If you are wanting to learn the basics of cross stitch then please comment below with your interest, and I will make another tutorial with more step-by-step images.

diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-07 diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-06 diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-05 diy-cross-stitch-photo-transfer-04

I am gifting these gorgeous embellished photos in their hoops. I think they look really precious that way, BUT you can always pop out your design and frame it if you want. This present is guaranteed to melt your loved one this Christmas.

Would love to read your comments and perhaps see some of your creations soon.


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