Add Colour to Your Table with Fun Fruity Napkins DIY

Our table setting was in desperate need of a spruce up. I was looking to inject some colour and fun, to plain old white napkins that I’ve had for an age. After only a few minutes on Pinterest I had an idea… do you love Pinterest as much as me? Make sure you follow our boards, here

All you need is some citrus fruit and fabric paint. If you cut a bunch of celery stalks you can make a pretty flower imprint. These colourful, fruity napkins turned out so well and look so pretty when guests come over for a relaxed dinner (and drinks of course!)


Stamping with cut fruit could not get any easier but if you are daring and want to carve your own stamp you can use a potato. We did potato carving and stamping in our Christmas workshop a few years ago, it was so much fun and some of the attendees really took it to the next level. Take a look at some picture for some inspiration here.

To make these colourfast you can either wash it in a fast wash on the hottest setting with no detergent, or as I did, run your iron over them once they are dry. Of course, if you follow the setting instructions on the back of the fabric paint is wise move. 😉



Please see the step by step tutorial below. Use the small arrows underneath the image to click to the next step, or head over to Houzz to view the project on the big screen or via the app.

Would love to hear what you think about my little DIYs that I’ve been doing over at Houzz.
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